Asian Getaway

Hey Guys,

The majority of bullets on my Bucket List consist of different destinations around the globe where I want to leave a footprint. Since my parents don’t believe in splurging on materialistic entities, I was awarded a trip of my choice for a graduation present. With the hype of traveling to Asia at the time (where a dollar can get you a long way) I chose Thailand as my trip of choice!

My bag (almost as big as me) was packed within weeks, and myself and two others were on a flight to a place we knew little of.

When arriving in Bangkok, it was more than a little bit confusing. For anyone planning on backpacking through Asia, I would suggest having a place booked for the night of your arrival. My friends and I who planned to take the trip day by day were welcomed with the darkness of night, taxi and tuk tuk drivers hoarding us and a muggy warmth which we were not prepared for coming from a dry and cold winter in Canada.

Putting aside the stress of our first night, the trip was more than delightful! If you like beautiful beaches and islands, warm-welcoming people, reasonable prices wherever you are and enchanting temples then Asia should be hot-spot for you!


  1. Denise Brown said:

    Love the pics from asia.You could sell your art. Get these blown up one day

  2. Katelyn Greenwood said:

    Love the choices of pictures!

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