Music Mondays…This week Featuring Braids

Hey guys,

So Last week I started my Music Mondays where I’ll be featuring a different music artist every week. It’s week two, enjoy!

About a month ago I had the pleasure of getting an extra ticket to tag alongside a friend to go see Toro y Moi, Braids and Teen Daze. Unfortunately I left The Biltmore with only the memory of Braids performing(Thank God for You Tube so I could relive the concert the next day). After listening to the different artists, I could see why I left with just the sound of Braids in my head. Listening to her matchless voice makes you want to sway to the music, let your hair down and forget your surroundings; looking back, that’s just what I did. Don’t get me wrong, the other artists were just as satisfactory; however, there was something about the vocals of Braids that got to me. 

Braids is an indie,electronic band from Calgary, Alberta who are currently based in Montreal, Quebec. The group formed in 2006 and consists of members Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Katie Lee, Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith. There music takes its time and carries you along seductively for the duration before fading softly. The group is known for their percussive sound, inventive tunes and Raphaelle’s vocals.

Lemonade By Braids

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