My Mid-Life Crisis….

So here I stand once again unsure of what the future has in store for me.  I am having what I like to call “my career mid-life crisis.” This last Friday wrapped up my practicum at Vancouver General Hospital which now makes me officially graduated. I am feeling excited and nervous and am not sure what my next move should be. Being in your twenties is hard if you’re not the kid who woke up one day and knew they wanted to be a Doctor or a Teacher. Since high school graduation I have had many professional aspirations.  I have wanted to be an architect, teacher, psychologist, dance instructor, news anchor, legal administrator, dietician, photographer, spy, personal trainer and now a medical assistant.  As much as I enjoyed the past 3 weeks at the hospital, I find myself questioning my career again and wondering “is this really for me?”

  1. Kira said:

    I think you should give the spy thing a go…seems like something that you’d be really good at!
    But on a serious note, you are very talented and still so young-don’t spend valuable years of your youth stressing over the future…everything will pan out for you and you will be amazing at anything that you end up doing!

  2. “is this really for me?”…. Give it a whirl Girl!

    Is 3 weeks time enough to even begin to question? You might find that the same job in a different setting is just awesome. Plus… is king.

    The old adage…”do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”.. can be a crock ‘o sh@t. Doing what you don’t necessarily love puts coins in your jeans allowing you to go do what you love on your own time. Working at what you love can turn out to be …just work…when the thrill is gone.

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