Ayden Gallery….

Hey Guys,

Hope you all had a great May Long!  While most of you took off to soak up some sun for the weekend, I decided to stay and familiarize myself with the big city. I have lived in Vancouver for just about a year now and I still feel like a tourist. Since moving here, my boyfriend and I have gone to just about every  movie theater within our area ( I can never turn down my prized bag of popcorn with extra butter). When going to see a movie at Tinseltown, we stumbled across an amazing art gallery called The Ayden Gallery. The gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery displaying work of both established and upcoming artists. Though all the art is mesmerizing, this piece done by William Chad Willsie is my favorite and I have many dreams that one day it will hang nicely in my apartment.

So guys, if you’re ever in the area I would recommend taking a few minutes to do a walk through this gallery. You won’t be disappointed!

Click here for Ayden Gallery Website


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  1. Katelyn Greenwood said:

    You are full of life! Love it! xx

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