House Hunting

Well It’s that time again.. My lease is up and it’s house hunting time! This upcoming August will officially mark mine and the big city’s 1 year, which once again is a reminder I need to start packing. I can honestly say it is a time of stress, excitement, nervousness and anxiety.There is an abundance of adds to go through and apartments to view. It is time-consuming and a little bit confusing. I always am questioning and picking apart each and every individual apartment. “Is this really the one”, “What if something better comes along,” and “Is this the best bang for our buck?”

So my weekend will be spent walking the streets of 4th Ave and Kitsilano with my hunny in hopes of finding that perfect apartment.

Wish us Luck!

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  1. sylvia said:

    Good luck guys! Come down our way! 🙂

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