Baked Macaroni and The Great Debate

After a huge debate today with my boyfriend on whether I am a pack rat or not, I trudged away with complete self-assurance that I am not. I thought to myself “how can he not appreciate my hundreds of notes saved from elementary school and my ever-growing collection of Archie comics.” While continuing to pack our things, my confidence dwindled after I came across parts of an easy-bake oven and a musical ABC’s children’s book. Hmmm maybe I do like to hold onto things a little bit too long?!?! However, I did come across one thing that I convinced him to let stay, my ‘Best of Kids Cooking’ cook book. Although it hasn’t been used in years, I now know why it’s travelled with me from place to place. The book is easy to read and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pages filled with colorful pictures. So tonight I put the book to use and made us both an enjoyable baked macaroni!

Click here for the recipe


1 comment
  1. Sylvia said:

    love this! I have the same book 🙂

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