Pickles, tacos, pretzels, moms Greek salad, dancing, the smell of rain, scrap-booking, reading, running, animals, poutine, boating, fashion, traveling, photography, popcorn, musicals, archie comics, music, theater, Disneyland, word search puzzles, tea, red wine, espresso, camping, hiking, movies, rollerblading, laughing, friends and most important, family. I never tire of the above.

  1. jordane joneson said:

    This blog is fabulous! love what you have done! stay tuned for some juice on me…

  2. Denise Brown said:

    Love this! Presentation is really done well. Love your comments on Music, I kind of forgot about that group. Love your pics for clothes, (I’ll take your hand me downs). Any good thrift stores? Very interesting Pics & great verbal insite. WELL DONE!

  3. Katelyn Greenwood said:

    I love that every few words a type of food is given….the best 🙂 xx oh and I think we should have a scrap-booking date because I’m horrible at it and I know you’re awesome at it!

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